QBioPicLR.jpgEnrique García Naranjo / DJQ *he/him/they/theirs*

Q is a poet, beat-smith & teaching artist from Tucson, Arizona. Their work is focused on identity in the borderlands & resisting cultural erasure through art & organizing. Their music highlights the diversity of sounds heard in the Barrios of Tucson. They can be found crate digging at your local record store.



Maxwell Lukas Mijnlieff Gay / Mylkweed *he/him/his*

Mylkweed is a photographer from the colonized territory called La Tusa, who practices new media art-making as an investigative process. This process  not a career, it’s a way of being; art-making is an act of self-preservation; a defense from oppressive structures; an attempt to capture fragments of the intersections of history and the contemporary moment.



MikeChekc$theMac / PSYPIRITUAL *he/him/his*

Mike is a musician from Barrio Hollywood-Southwest Aztlan. His “sound” derives from environmental oscillations & internal struggles. MikeChekc$ believes the path to the “truth” is achieved through frequencies and psychological harmony.


ReyBioPicLRREY                                                           *he/him/his*

REY is a recording artist, sound engineer & producer from the Southside of Tucson, AZ. He has been making music for 8 years, bringing a style of lyricism and beat-making which is a direct product of his environmental experience in the Southwest. REY offers his heart for the world to dissect, though his multi-genre production which spans from electric soul to contemporary Hip-Hop.