Ojalá is a radical collective of loosely organized artists, creators and criminals.

We are a multi-modal platform for creativity and anarchy in the colonized territories of the Southwest. Our work, as youth of barrios and the streets, is the creation and actualization of our lived experience as art.

We reject formalities of high art spaces and academia because we recognize the serious and sometimes violent trauma that these institutions have inflicted upon us and our peers. In doing so, we seek to actualize our street knowledge into creative productions, motivated solely by our own beliefs and passion, rather than capital or status. Ojalá is a necessary entity which has been manifested to enact creation as a response to the violence, oppression and suffering we face in our communities. We have taken our future as radical artists into our own hands.

We want to sow the seeds of hope for our peers and future generations of our hoods using poetry, photography, hip-hop culture & many other forms of expression.

You can find us at on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with our movements, workshops and events.

In love and solidarity,